Not Busy

NOT BUSY is not about being lazy or taking the short cuts, but about finding the joy in doing a little less. Guilt free down time. Working hard and recovering. Our best ideas appear when we take ourselves out of the busyness, the ideas flow when we are in the shower, practicing yoga, just about to drift off to sleep. We want to champion these moments because when you really think about it, the best things happen when we are NOT BUSY.

Slow living embraces slow fashion. With each product being made to order our process takes time, the 3-4 week wait from placing your order is key to ensuring we create less waste, we support small manufacturers  and you receive a well made, one of a few pieces that we hope you love and wear over and over, and over again.

We would love for you to tell us how you spend your time when you’re not busy, tag us on Instagram wearing your Re. products

Our brand motto is one we wear with pride. Somewhere along the way we humans started to measure our value depending on how busy we are. We want everything now, information at our fingertips, success next week, our online orders delivered the same day. We burnout over stretching ourselves trying to achieve it all. Let’s stop the glorification of busy.