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Welcome to The Re.Porter

Welcome to The Re.Porter, our new blog of all things Re. related!

Now I pride myself on being transparent with the brand. You know that our UK made, recycled poly yoga wear is made in Newcastle and our recycled cotton accessories are made in Lancashire and Wrexham. I am more than happy to tell you that we print our recycled fabric in London and that the fabric itself is the only thing that travels to us. It comes from Italy, only because there isn’t a mill in the UK making certified recycled post-consumer waste polyester or cotton (yet!). And so, I feel like I need to be transparent here…

Blogs are good for your SEO.

From day one I have been encouraged to start one. To have a journal that chats about our brand ethos so that our on-brand words fit into the world-wide-web’s algorithms and more people find us.

I have viewed starting a blog as another thing to add to the very long To-Do list of a small business owner. And I have put it off because I have wondered how to best go about discussing all the things that I love about the brand, yoga, wellness, environmental issues, life, creativity. Does anyone even read blogs anymore?

And so, starting a new year seemed like a good time to do this. To put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and think about what this space on the internet is really here to do. Sure, it will tick off the SEO growth list. But let’s have a bit of fun whilst we are at it (for my sake!).

So I’ll be chatting about what we do as a brand, who we want to be as a brand and I would love to chat to you. To interview yoga teachers, alchemists, designers, vintage lovers, eco warriors, small business owners. I want to know how you spend your down time, how you are Not Busy. I want to encourage you to take moments for yourself. To really get in touch with your inner knowing. To investigate career breaks, changes in life direction, huge life shifts. To talk about the miracle of you and the earth that we life on.

I want to express my concerns over fast fashion, greenwashing and the lost connection with have with purchases. To wake up with you to the fact that we are plugged into one big consumer powered machine that is generating millions for the richest 10% and not doing enough to help the poorest 90%. I want to share how yoga has helped me, or rather, saved me. And to share ways in which you can connect deeper to your practice too.

Basically, I want to write from my heart in hopes that it evokes something in you. I don’t want to be here just for the SEO, I want to be here for the SOUL too.

Yours honestly,

Mische x

P.S. Are you a writer/blogger who is much more professional than me and wants to be part of this? Get in touch!

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